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Demonstration Team
Our Demonstration Team is for our Red Belt ranks and above, and they are the movie stars of our school! Our team learns martial arts tricking, performance weapons, and most importantly, they learn how to build their stamina to sustain the high energy demonstrations they perform. We currently have a YouTube channel for our team, and that can be found here:
Competition Team
Our competition team is where our most committed and determined students find themselves. Our team competes all across the state of Colorado, and many of our students have qualified as either the first, second, or third in the state of Colorado in their respective divisions through the Colorado Karate Association.
While we encourage them to do their best and try to win, the reason why we founded our competition team is to help our students better their skills and also understand that, even if they try their hardest, sometimes things don't turn out the way they may want them to. Our students have learned that the most important parts of the competition team are the fun they have and their sportsmanlike conduct, no matter the outcome.
Leadership Team
Our Leadership Team is our unique set of students who one day have an interest in becoming instructors here at Kicks. This team meets once monthly as a group to discuss teaching methods that they can apply to the classes they help teach. Those on our leadership team have an opportunity every summer to participate in an internship, to help them learn even more about the ins and outs of martial arts, and of small business in general. Those members who are old enough to begin work also have the opportunity to compete and interview for a position with us after said internship. We find that the best instructors are the ones we create, so every one of our instructors at the studio started out on this team, as students.