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Student/Parent Testimonials

At Kicks, the heart and soul of the studio are our students. Our goal is to help every student succeed not only in martial arts, but in life. Here are a few comments from our students and parents.
What does a black belt from Kicks mean to you?

Well the above question is proving a bit tougher to answer than I expected.  I suppose the journey started when I was a kid and wanted to take martial arts classes essentially because of what I saw in the movies. Unfortunately for me my folks didn’t see my desires as prudent and brushed me off, thinking it was better for me to go the more traditional route of team sports like soccer and football.  As it turned out I was awful at soccer. And football? The only thing I liked about football was when the last game of the season was over because it meant that the constant pain would be over.  I think one of the happiest days of my life was when I was cut from the freshman team in high school.

Fast forward about twenty years when my son Benjamin comes home from kindergarten having seen a martial arts demonstration at his school.  He was smitten and wanted to give Tae-Kwon Do a shot.  My desires having been squelched when I was young, I wasn’t going to do the same to him.  Plus now I could live out my dreams vicariously through him.  And that’s just what I did.  

Fast forward again to my youngest son Noah who wanted to follow in his big brother’s footsteps. This time however, there was a new wrinkle to the equation.  We now qualified for a family membership, and fitness kickboxing classes.  I considered myself a darn fit cyclist but felt I needed to round out my fitness and the kickboxing classes seemed a good option.  And quite honestly I couldn’t endure the inane sideline chitchat much longer.  So off I went. One thing led to another and when Noah was a purple belt I decided to not live through him, but with him, and Benjamin.  It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Not only was I having a blast with Noah, but I was earning a newfound respect for Benjamin.  Looking on from the side, no one really knows how hard these kids work. I now understand what it took for him to reach black belt, and I wasn’t just proud of him, but I now had a deep respect for his dedication and skill.  And though respect is something many fathers may demand from their children, I feel that very few these days have respect for, or earn that respect from them.

Now it’s Noah’s and my turn to earn our black belts and I certainly feel the same respect for him, however having worked towards the same goal together, our experience is unique.  We have a comradery we may not have built if we hadn’t done this.  And with Benjamin as a mentor to both of us, the three of us make a pretty amazing crew.

So what does becoming a black belt mean to me?  Well the belt itself is simply a marker in what is hopefully a long journey with my boys.  But what the journey itself has given is remarkable.

-Scot Mayer, current black belt and parent

What does a black belt from Kicks mean to you?
Being a black belt is about working with my family. Me, my sister and my dad got the opportunity to become black belts and not a lot of people get to do that with their families. It is a thing that all of us will remember forever and ever because of the times we pushed each other and the times we laughed together and shared a smile.
-Jaxson Mercer, current black belt and student

Why have you stayed in martial arts for so long?
As we get older we change, and I have definitely changed. I believe that Taekwondo has made me who I am, not only defending myself, but with personal leadership and being a leader.
-Marin Head, current 2nd degree black belt and instructor