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Little Ninjas Ages 4-7
What makes our program different?

Kids 4-7 have specific needs that differ from older kids. They need big words like "Respect" and "Concentration" broken down in ways that are easy to understand and use at home and at school. And that's why our program works so well!

Our instructors are masters at getting kids to pay attention, learn life skills and have fun- all at the same time! But the best part? You'll see results at home and school quickly!

What you may not know is that the longer your child trains with us, the deeper these benefits go!

What that means is that our programs will effect your kids in a positive manner for decades!

Mental Benefits

* Respect

* Concentration

* Self Control

* Positive Attitude

* Self Confidence

* Self Esteem

* Team Work

* Healthy Friends

Physical Benefits

* Balance

* Coordination

* Strength

* Flexability

* Speed

* Safe

* Fun

* Exciting