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Youth Ages 8-13

It's no secret that the martial arts teaches self defense, but what you may not know is that our program will teach leadership skills, success principles, mental focus and self-discipline- and that will make all the difference as your child grows!!

Our Youth Program is designed to encourage, teach and lead kids to a better way of life. They'll learn how to pick the right friends to hang out with, to set goals that both inspire and challenge them, as well as build their self confidence. The role models of today's world are not always what parents are looking for, but with our specialized and trained instructors, your kids will have a role model worth talking about!

"Yes" - we teach all of this and martial arts too!
Physical Benefits

* Improve Speed & Power

* Increase Flexibility

* Enhance Balance

* Develop Coordination

* Improve Strength

* Create a Healthy Heart

* Practical Self Defense

* Have fun, Fun, FUN!!

Mental Benefits

* Improve Self Confidence

* Increase Self Esteem

* Enhance Self Discipline

* Develop Focus

* Develop Concentration

* Learn Respect

* Learn Goal Setting

* Become Inspired

* Learn to Succeed